Throughout its history Milton’s Cottage has been shaped by the generosity of individuals.  From royalty to farmers to the Friends of Milton’s Cottage, public gifts of money, objects and legacies have helped the museum build its collection and gain a worldwide reputation for excellence.Milton’s Cottage receives no public funding and continues to depend on the generosity of Milton devotees, poetry-lovers and friends around the world to carry out its mission.  Your donation will help us to preserve Milton’s Cottage and its unique collection for future generations – as well as enhance people’s lives through literature, poetry and the arts.

Whether you visit Milton’s Cottage in Chalfont St Giles or on the web, we invite you help us in our effort to preserve Milton’s Cottage and its collection for future generations.

Here’s how you can help:

Paradise Maintain’d

Comus Circle

Lycidas Society



For further information about how to support Milton’s Cottage please do not hesitate to contact our Business Director, Kelly O’Reilly, on 01494 872313 or to find out more about the difference your gift could make.

You can also join our sister charity, The Friends of Milton’s Cottage, which runs local fundraising events and activities to support Milton’s Cottage.  To find out more about joining please visit their website: