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Milton! Thou shoulds’t be living at this hour:
England hath need of thee.

London, 1802 - Wordsworth

Help us keep John Milton’s legacy alive by joining The Comus Circle – an exclusive membership scheme to support Milton’s Cottage.

Milton was a visionary poet and political writer – one of the most radical and influential thinkers Britain has ever seen.  Milton’s Cottage is his only surviving home – the place where he sought refuge from the Great Plague of 1665 to complete his epic masterpiece, Paradise Lost.  Since 1887, it has been open to the public as a museum that houses one of the world’s most important collections of Miltonic first editions on public display.

Today we are seeking new ways for our visitors to engage with Milton’s legacy.  We want to make the museum a place for participation, appreciation and debate – working with leading writers, artists and thinkers to bring new life to Milton’s work and explore his continuing relevance for our times.  We are also developing our education programme and interpretation material as well as improving access to our museum, collection and garden.

To achieve this, we need to generate increased revenue for Milton’s Cottage.  As an independent charity, we do not receive government funding and rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters to carry out our mission. By becoming a member of The Comus Circle, you will not only help us to protect and preserve this unique literary landmark, you will also have the opportunity to shape its future.

Exclusive benefits include:

  • Free and unlimited entry to Milton’s Cottage and Garden
  • Private out of hours tours of our collection, with opportunities to view first editions
  • Invitations to exhibition private views, with curator and artist-led tours
  • A bespoke programme of events, collection visits, dinners, discussions and opportunities to explore Milton’s legacy with historians, curators and artists as your guides
  • Exclusive visits to private collections, libraries and historic houses in the region
  • A chance to join a network of supporters who are passionate about poetry, political ideas, Milton’s legacy and the future of Milton’s Cottage

Annual membership fee:

  • Individual membership: £350 (£275 annual gift, eligible for Gift Aid, plus £75 benefits fee)
  • Combined membership – all the benefits of The Comus Circle plus a guest: £500 (£350 annual gift, eligible for Gift Aid, plus £150 benefits fee)

To find out more about become a member of The Comus Circle please contact our Business Director, Kelly O’Reilly, on 01494 872313 or businessdirector@miltonscottage.org

You can also download our application form here: Comus Circle_application form