The Guardian: ‘England hath need of thee’: appeal to save Milton’s Paradise Lost cottage

We did it! 
Thanks to our generous supporters, we exceeded our Big Give Christmas Challenge target of £9,750.  This means we are now able to claim a further £9,750 in match-funding – making a grand total of £21,716 raised through the Big Give.
This will support a new initiative to engage young people with our unique literary garden, planted with trees, flowers and fruits that are referenced in Milton’s poetry.  Covid-19 has shown us just how important green spaces are for our health and well-being, and Milton’s Garden will help us reach young people with limited access to outdoor spaces – so they can re-connect with nature, learn outdoors and have fun as they emerge from a year of lockdown and social isolation.
We cannot thank all of our supporters enough for their generous response to our Christmas Challenge campaign.  This has ensured we enter 2022 with the resources we need to engage new audiences with Milton’s Cottage – and a new generation with Milton’s enduring legacy.
We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and look forward to keeping you updated in 2022 about the work that our Big Give Christmas Challenge campaign is helping to support.


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