The Guardian: ‘England hath need of thee’: appeal to save Milton’s Paradise Lost cottage

Donate to Milton’s Cottage this Christmas and your gift will be QUADRUPLED

For ONE WEEK ONLY all donations to Paradise Maintain’d – the endowment campaign to protect Milton’s only surviving residence in perpetuity – will be match funded by both the Big Give and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Donations MUST be made online between midday on 27th November and midday on 4th December to qualify.  Make your online donation at and your gift will have QUADRUPLE the impact this Christmas.

To claim this match funding offer, however, Milton’s Cottage must reach their online donation target of £5,000 by midday on 4th December 2018.  Can you help protect Milton’s legacy for future generations – either by making a donation yourself or by helping spread the word?

Every donation makes a difference.  For further information please contact John Dugdale Bradley, Trustee and Honorary Treasurer, on

What do supporters need to do?

Make your online donation at

Only donations received between midday on 27th November and midday on 4th December 2018 are eligible for Big Give Christmas Challenge match funding so please ensure your donations are only made during this time.