The Guardian: ‘England hath need of thee’: appeal to save Milton’s Paradise Lost cottage

We did it!  Thanks to many generous supporters, we have exceeded our Big Give Christmas Challenge target of £10,000.  This means we are able to draw down a further £10,000 in match-funding from the Big Give – including Champion Funding from the amazing Four Acre Trust – giving us a grand total of £22,508 raised through our 2022 Christmas Challenge campaign.
This will support ‘Free Speech & Fake News’ – a new social media literacy initiative to engage young people with our rare collection of Milton’s political pamphlets.  Like him, we are living through an information revolution – and we believe his writing can help a new generation navigate the online complexities of disinformation, misinformation and more.
To everyone who has supported us: we cannot thank you enough for your generous response, which has guaranteed a great Christmas for Milton’s Cottage.  And to anyone who would like to find out more about our project, and how to get involved, please contact us on or 01494 872313.
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