About Milton's Cottage

Milton's Cottage is the only extant home of John Milton, the great English poet and parliamentarian, in Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire. It was in this grade 1 listed XVIth century cottage, described by Thomas Ellwood as "that pretty box in Giles, Chalfont", that Milton completed Paradise Lost, and the idea of Paradise Regained was put to him.

The four ground floor museum rooms contain the most extensive collection in the world on open display of 17th Century first editions of John Milton's works, both poetry and prose. Hear of the extraordinary career of this blind genius vividly described in his refuge from the plague where he wrote some of the finest poetry and feel the ambience of the setting. The thoughts of John Milton and the diverse nature of his published works are the evidence that demonstrates why he leaves such an enduring legacy.

Eve, a recent addition to the cottage garden

Grade II Registered Historic Garden

Stroll around the well-stocked cottage garden, featuring many of the plants mentioned in Milton's poetry. This is the only cottage garden in the Chilterns listed by English Heritage as a Grade II Registered Historic Garden, worth visiting in its own right.

"Laurel and Myrtle and what higher grew
Of firm and fragrant leaf: on either side
Acanthus, and each odourous bushy shrub
Fenc'd up the verdant wall, each beauteous flower,
Iris all hues, Roses and Jessamine
Reard high their flourish'd heads between, and wrought

Paradise Lost, Book 4, Line 694