S Avery                           Chairman

H Brown                        Museum Mentor, nominated by the National Trust

T Butcher                       Nominated by Buckinghamshire County Council

J Dugdale Bradley        Finance and Fundraising

D Hicks-Beach              Nominated by The Mercers’ Company

J Ryman                         Nominated by Chalfont St Giles Parish Council

T Simmons                     Infrastructure and Publicity

A Still                             Garden and Horticulture

Mrs K Welch                 Museum and Collection

Honorary Trustees 

F Nolan                           Heritage
Dr K Sugden                   Chairman, Friends of Milton’s Cottage
Dr P Wilfong                   Friends of Milton’s Cottage USA

Officers and Advisers

Secretary                                 Andrew Still
Honorary Solicitor                Robert Cartmell, Cartmell and Co
Honorary Treasurer              J Dugdale Bradley
Independent Examiner        J D Campbell